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Monday 3 November 2014


The Historical Writers Association  in association with ‘Previously ....’ . 17 – 23 November 2014, present

History and Story

 To celebrate History Writing Month in Edinburgh, fellow writer Andrew Williams and myself have gathered together some of the most interesting and respected writers of historical fiction today to present a thought-provoking series of events. The events will be held in Adam House, Chambers Street. The periods covered range from 11th to 20th centuries. Together, they not only reflect how fiction can reveal the realities of history and help us understand the present, but also represent an interesting variety of approaches to writing historical fiction. 

You can buy tickets now to these events by clicking on the links below each panel descriptions

1.      Spies, Traitors and Secret Conspirators: A question of loyalty? 

 William Ryan, Edward Wilson and Andrew Williams
Monday 17th November at 18:00. Adam House, Chambers Street, Edinburgh

Historical novelists, Andrew Williams, William Ryan and Edward Wilson discuss the shadow world of spies and secret policemen, from World War 1 to Vietnam. 

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2.     From Hot to Cold War: Portraying Reality in Fiction
John Lawton, Laura Wilson and Aly Monroe

Tuesday 18th November at 18:00. Adam House, Chambers Street, Edinburgh

Join historical novelists John Lawton, Laura Wilson and Aly Monroe as they discuss the living sources they draw on and how the social and political changes that characterised the post-war era provide fertile ground for the fiction they create.

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3.     Secrets and Signposts: the Past within the Present.

Tom Harper and Iain Pears

Wednesday 19th November at 18:00. Adam House, Chambers Street, Edinburgh

Tom Harper and Iain Pears write multi-layered novels, seamlessly intertwining stories across different eras of history from the ancient world to the present day. Join them as they discuss how they tackle these complex books, peeling back layers to reveal why the past is never truly dead and buried.

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4.     Female Characters – Writing Women back into History
Imogen Robertson, Samantha Norman and Sara Sheridan

Thursday 20th November at 18:00. Adam House, Chambers Street, Edinburgh

History is full of fascinating characters, male and female, who have for generations been dismissed as irrelevant by the historical establishment. Now a new approach to social history is beginning to make some of their stories available and historical writers are finding new perspectives and people with which to populate their fiction and enthral their readers. Come to hear three female writers of historical fiction discuss what inspires and informs their writing and how they bring the women of history back to their rightful place - centre stage alongside the men.


5.     Terror, Faith and Reform: Stories of Renaissance Scotland
Shona Maclean, Marie Macpherson and Louise Turner

Sunday 23rd November at 14:30.
Adam House, Chambers Street, Edinburgh

From Flodden to the union of crowns, historical novelists, Shona Maclean, Marie Macpherson and Louise Turner discuss life in Scotland at a time of riot, murder and reformation, in the context of their novels. 

Details for ticket bookings will be available soon on the 'Previously ...' website, as well as here.

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Looking forward to seeing you there if you're anywhere near Edinburgh!