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Wednesday 26 November 2008

Goldsboro Books

On Thursday 20th I went to Goldsboro Books in Cecil Court, London, to sign 250 copies of The Maze of Cadiz, which they had picked as November Book of the Month. They had prepared a fantastic window display!

Run by David Headley and Daniel Gedeon, Goldsboro is a lovely find. They specialise in signed first editions of a wide variety of different books. I wish I had had more time to look around, but I had to rush off to my publishers after the signing. If you’re in the area (between the Charing Cross Road and St. Martin’s Lane), it’s worth popping in. They have a new website up, too, so you can browse their collection online. A great idea for a special present for someone.

David and Daniel gave me a really warm welcome and sat me down with a pile of 250 books – all carefully covered with a clear protective removable film on the cover. We chatted as I signed – and I tried not to lose track of how to spell my name, or what the date was. Strange how, after about a hundred signatures, you begin to doubt!

I feel honoured that The Maze of Cadiz was picked as November Book of the Month! Lovely shop and lovely people.


Richard said...

You just have to be the signature.

Aly Monroe said...

There's scepticism - but there's also the loop of doubt!