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Friday 19 December 2008

Hannah Murray Book Show

Yesterday I did a telephone interview for the Hannah Murray Book Show on Radio Europe Mediterráneo - . I spoke to Lindy Jordan and Allan Tee about The Maze of Cadiz and the Peter Cotton series. is the largest English language network in Spain covering most of the mainland, the Balearics and the Canaries. The Book Show – every Thursday lunch time – is very lively with a wide variety of books and guests – well worth checking out. Lindy is very active on the Costa del Sol and has her own website at

We talked about the ‘bi-focal’ vision that living in another country can give you, about Cadiz, Franco, historical memory, the concept of the hero and the importance of characters’ voices in the construction of a novel.

I like to think of Peter Cotton, rather frail now, ninety next year, living somewhere in the south of Spain.

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