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Sunday 15 November 2009

Visit to Goldsboro Books

I went down to London from Edinburgh on Thursday - a somewhat fraught trip as the train broke down and we all had to get out at Durham and wait to be transferred to another train. I found my agent was travelling on the same train so we travelled the rest of the way together and met up with my editor.

From there I went on to Goldsboro Books in Cecil Court to sign copies of Washington Shadow.

Goldsboro is a wonderful bookshop specialising in signed first editions and has clients from all over the world. The owner, David Headley, is, deservedly, becoming an important reference in the book world. He has a great eye and works generously to promote authors.

I was welcomed by all the team, then signed, lined and dated a big pile of books accompanied by enjoyable conversation with David. They also asked me to do a brief video recording my visit to them to sign the books:

My thanks to David and everyone at Goldsboro.

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